No One Immune to Global Recession, Kudlow Report Calls on Michael Pento


A decrease in jobless claims has many analysts saying the US economic situation is improving. Michael Pento tells The Kudlow Report that we shouldn’t be too optimistic just yet.

Damn the Fed, Inflation is Already Here, Pento Tells Daily Ticker

pento misery index

While America and the Fed have been desperately seeking deflation, nothing seems to be working. Aaron Task of Yahoo! Finance brings in Michael Pento to tell investors what to do now.

US-Backed Investments in Jeopardy, Pento Responds to Treasury Activity on CNBC

As the US Treasury may soon issue floating-rate debt as an incentive for new investors, Michael Pento reminds that the nation’s debt struggle is far from over.

What a Travesty, What a Crime: Pento on Bloomberg TV


Analyst Michael Pento visits Surveillance Midday’s Pimm Fox to unravel the international debt crises and where the money supply is really going.

Let Fat-Cat Bankers Fail: Pento Discusses Occupy Wall Street on RT


Reduce regulations, increase corporate taxes, and let these fat-cat bankers fail. Michael Pento joins RT’s Lauren Lyster to posit solutions for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

How to Survive an Economic Downturn: Pento Guest-Hosts on Fox Business News


Agora Financial’s new senior economic analyst Michael Pento guest-host’s an hour of Fox Business News to tackle concerns related to recent market volatility and the national debt.