Byron King’s 2013 predictions featured in The Energy Report

Agora Financial’s energy expert Byron King was interviewed for The Energy Report yesterday. According to the report, he expected “surprises in the energy sector” next year and discussed his forecast for fracking’s impact on oil and gas prices, a worldwide uranium shortage, and a possible change in the economics of alternative energy sources.

Byron King on Glenn Beck

In addition to The Energy Report, Byron’s commentary was categorized and distributed as primary research on Streetwise Reports, the professional investor platforms of Bloomberg & Thomson Reuters as Byron King’s Shocking 2013 Predictions. His commentary on the Royal Dutch Shell company was also distributed as its own research note on Bloomberg & Thomson Reuters.

Byron, who is editor of Agora Financial’s Outstanding Investments and Energy & Scarcity Investor, has been a highly sought after financial expert for many years, with a long career in the energy sector under his belt. Last month nearly 12,000 professional investors downloaded and read Streetwise’s unique interviews, representing billions, if not trillions of dollars under management. According to Streetwise,  “the potential value to the companies mentioned in these interviews may be profound and certainly increases investor awareness on a large scale.”