Jeffrey Tucker at ISFLC: Young Libertarians Are Creating Their Own Civilization

Laissez Faire Books executive editor Jeffrey Tucker made an appearance at the annual International Students for Liberty Conference Feb. 15-17, 2013, in Washington D.C. to talk about anarchism, upcoming projects with Laissez Faire Books and the student libertarian movement.

Tucker was interviewed by Cathy Reisenwitz of The Libertarienne Show for about nine minutes and expressed his optimism for the growth and improved cohesion of the libertarian movement, as well as the success of the conference. “I think we are observing an opening up, a progressivity taking place, a new awareness of the need of civility and a new kind of confidence about the future.”

Tucker described Laissez Faire Club as a “Spotify, or a Pandora or a Netflix… for libertarian books… We”ve published a lot of classic works with new introductions… now we”re looking at all sorts of original works…. about a year ago, I commissioned a number of edgy casino online projects, and we”re starting to see those come to fruition, not just going over libertarian philosophy, but applied material and history and especially in digital economics… We have a book coming out about Bitcoin and its prospects… a book coming out about alternative monetary systems in general…[ and a book] about all the ways in which libertarians can avoid the state”s nudge… so I”m encouraging people to think independently… take a different path in life and find yourself more successful, more learned, more confident and happier.”

Tucker also talked about the importance of contributing to the cause of liberty outside of the political realm.

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