Wiggin Talks on the Dollar with Beijing Youth Daily

The Beijing Youth Daily, one of China’s most widely-read newspapers, interviewed three-time international bestselling author Addison Wiggin, on the fall of the dollar. Wiggin’s book, Financial Reckoning Day, was recently published in Chinese; and the interview appeared on the front page of the newspaper.

Translated Excerpts:

“Although gold has increases over the price [Wiggin] mentioned in his book, and has reached historical high, he is still bullish in gold. He told the reporter, gold is still the best and purist investment subject. ‘I cannot predict how much it will increase, but it will absolutely keep growing, and the increase scale will be most influenced by the speed of US dollar depreciation.'”

“With the US dollar depreciating… gold is [Addison’s] favorite investment subject so far. ‘Gold is the most basic storage tool of value, and it is the only international currency which does not suffer from any debt, and is the purest currency.’”

Click here to view the front page of the  Beijing Youth Daily.